By Dean Adams

Four Thousands Hoods

"... a marvelous loss-of-innocence book,

... well worth reading."

The Seattle Times

".... pure adventure ... gorgeously written."

The Boston Globe

“I relived my own past reading Four Thousand Hooks.

The way Adams describes seeing things for the first

time through the eyes of a greenhorn crew member

–the sights and smells, what it's like to really feel work

and exhaustion, being on your own as a young man in

Alaska—brought back memories I didn't know I had.

–Sig Hansen, Captain of the Northwestern

as seen on Deadliest Catch

“Adams tells of the drunken shore leave, the

surprising gentleness and understanding

between crew members, and the rough but

careful teaching of any new crew member to be

part of a team upon which one sometimes had to

depend for one's survival.”

—Margaret Willson, author of Dance Lest We All Fall Down

“Gritty but literate, this book has the

slap–dash of real boat experience. Four

Thousand Hooks never loses its salt. It's about an

'inbreaker' ready to take it all as it comes–fish

slime, full hold, and hopefully a payday.”

—William McCloskey, author of Highliners

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A True Story of Fishing and Coming of Age on the High Seas of Alaska

FOUR THOUSAND HOOKS is both an absorbing adventure story and a rich ethnography of a way of life and work that has sustained Northwest families for generations. This coming of age story will appeal to readers-including young adults-interested in ocean adventures, commercial fishing, maritime life, and the Northwest Coast.